About Dajenech, the film of Athens' School of Architecture

What's all this about?

It's about a film shot by students of Athens' School of Architecture.

What does Dajenech mean?

Mmmm... Nothing, actually. It could mean something in German, though; maybe a stallion's cry in a German porno film, but -according to some German friends- it doesn't even sound German! Anyway, it's the film's title, that's all!

By the way, it is pronounced "Da-YE-ne-kh".

When was this film shot?

The shooting started in May of 2003 and ended just before Christmas of the same year. The editing was completed just after the Olympic Games of 2004 and the music was done by October 2004.

Where was it shot?

The film was shot exclusively in NTUA ground, (that is the National Technical University of Athens), in the buildings of the School of Architecture.

How was it shot?

It is a homemade film, prepared using simple pure materials (carton, glue and tomato sauce) and cut with simple architectural model-building paperknives. It was shot with a DV camera and editing took place in a computer.

Why was it shot?

Well, why are films being shot? For fame, money, women...

Besides, the students who took part in this film wanted to make a movie about the Averof building of the NTUA, the building that was home of the Architecture School of Athens for almost a century! The movie turned out to be a splatter, but that's how life is when you study, anyway.

Finally, everyday life in this School is -by itself- a story for innumerable films. Do you want a psycho-thriller? Pretend you're handing over 4 projects next week. Do you want gore 'n' splatter? Just try to use a paperknife. Do you want a political thriller? Come and participate in one of the School's general assemblies. Do you want erotic thriller? Try to find a boy/girlfriend.

That's how we came up with this C-movie.


Actors and crew are amateurs, mostly students of the School of Architecture of Athens. The script and the music are original, written by amateurs, as well.

How much did it cost?

About 115 euro. What cost the most was the 5 mini DV tapes (about 15 euro each) and the makeup (about 40 euro).

So, there is a normal screenplay, director, etc...?

The film shooting was based on a screenplay, as usual. This screenplay, though, was pretty synoptic, giving the directors a lot of room for improvisation. In fact, the majority of the scenes were improvised on the spot.

What's the story?

School of Architecture, exam period and students gradually transform themselves into living dead. The film belongs to the cinematic movement of postmortem postmodernism.

Who believes this crap?

Why not? It's a film inspired by everyday life in this school. Have you ever stayed up late just to finish a building model? Do it and we'll see if you don't change into a dark creature of the night!

If you have any unanswered questions about this film, please feel free to contact us.