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Le P'tit Coucou Giannis Georgiou 1,86 Mb
Rebelos finds the paperknife Stefanos Kozanis 1,26 Mb
The Black Figure Giannis Georgiou 4,6 Mb
The transformation of the Patriarchs Aggelos Aggelou 2,2 Mb
The discovery of Ierofantissa Stefanos Kozanis 6,2 Mb
The decapitation Stefanos Kozanis 0,72 Mb
The impalement Stefanos Kozanis 0,82 Mb
Akratitos and Lekes Stefanos Kozanis 2,56 Mb
So you don't believe! Giannis Georgiou 0,5 Mb
Ierofantissa's Tango Stefanos Kozanis 1,36 Mb
Flashback - The dark saga Stefanos Kozanis 4,05 Mb
Afisokollitis Aggelos Aggelou 1,7 Mb
Erotilos' vision Stefanos Kozanis 2,05 Mb
Ierokirikas Stefanos Kozanis 1,55 Mb
Maketa & Adieksodi Stefanos Kozanis 6,13 Mb
The comitee scene Stefanos Kozanis 4,47 Mb
The chase orchestration: Stefanos Kozanis 1,26 Mb
  (based on Le P'tit Coucou)  
The Final Battle Giannis Georgiou 4,28 Mb
Panic Giannis Georgiou 0,583 Mb
Work and joy Aggelos Aggelou ,368 Mb
End titles Aggelos Aggelou 3,5 Mb

Bonus tracks

Le P'tit Coucou - Bigband version orchestration: Stefanos Kozanis 2,4 Mb
Ierofantissa's Tango - Symphonic version Stefanos Kozanis 4,5 Mb